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Nature's Raiment


A team of young professionals - a group of first generation entrepreneurs, who has a passion for retaining the nature’s beauty bring Nature’s Raiment to you. We passionately values the ancient traditions of those involved in the making of these unique and socially accountable fabrics. We share in the pride of the artisans who know that they alone are responsible for the look, feel and beauty of a fabric made by their own hands. Experts with several years of experience in Classification of Cotton, Ginning, Spinning, Twisting, Weaving, Dyeing, Cutting, Designing and Finishing are the backbones of Nature’s Raiment.

Our Vision

Quality and timely delivery remains the veritable password of the company. Everything the company has achieved and continues to build today are derived from its commitment to quality and its endeavor to bring all processes of production integrated under its ambit of strict quality controls and inspection. We do not have one single strategy to compete against so many and so diverse rivals; but I would suggest that most of our strategies boil down to what can be best expressed with a single sentence: We always strive harder to satisfy our customer's requirements. Our commitment to service and quality, our leadership of the markets in which we participate, and the results: the satisfaction of our customers, our success, our growth.

Our Products

Malabar fabrics are well known for its vibrant hand loomed cottons in plains, checks and stripes and has remained faithful to them through the years. All new launches and ranges of products from Nature’s Raiment  are complemented by 100% cotton fabrics. Each fabric is individual to itself in view of the techniques used in its production and a major part of the charm and beauty of the product lies in the irregularity of the weave and of the pattern repeats.
Handloom cotton from the tropical monsoon lands of South India are produced in the most traditional ways. It is dyed by hand using the most stable vat dyes available to the region and the high quality of the dyeing is attributed to the region receiving the brunt of the monsoon rains. The cotton is then woven on hand looms by some of the most skilled weavers in India, without the use of machines, using time-honored techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. The fabrics are sourced from small co-operatives, which are run ethically and provide vital support for the small communities and villages around it.
Nature’s Raiment  is made out of 100% rich cotton as well as in Cotton/Linen blends. The unique qualities of your garment is coming from it’s compact structure and texture, color combinations, wide width, skilled craftsmanship and color-fastness.

The garments are distinctly recognizable due to the richness and the feel of life in it.

The ‘hefty Malabar loom and the weavers’ special beating techniques produce it.

Your garment is dyed by using Vat dyes that are solubilized through vat process and the final color is developed through oxidation process.

It guarantees excellent wash and light fastness properties.

Significant Features

Fostered with a crew of adept designers, we are able to provide a classy assortment of Men’s Shirts. We make shirts which suits for formal meetings,  functions, schools, colleges, meetings and parties to get casual and trendy look. The “ Nature’s Raiment” label speaks for itself and are processed by using finest raw material like yarns, skin friendly dyestuffs, most advanced chemicals for finish etc., and by employing a mixture of old and modern as well as proven technologies of the textile industry. Our work is based on the concepts of innovation, creativity and quality that perfectly match global standards and meet current trends of the market. Also, we keep up with some important points to have a high level of client satisfaction, such as reasonable cost, practicality and modern styles. The uniqueness of our product lies in it’s.

  • Fine finish
    • Appealing look
    • Colorfastness
    • Softness,
    • Wear comfort
    • Global Quality Standards
    • Market Leading Prices
  • Client centric approach
  • Skin-friendly
  • Magnificent design